Perfect Fit – Play Zone Kit (Black)

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If you’ve ever had trouble finding your perfect fit when it comes to cock rings, you’ll love the Perfect Fit Play Zone. It features a cone shaped stand with 9 stretchy silicone rings arranged in size order – giving you more options when it comes to finding your perfect fit. The Play Zone cock rings are called Xact-Fit™ and offer 14 sizes in the same range that are just 0.1 inches apart. The norm when it comes to cock rings is just 3 to 5 size options, but Play Zone ensures that you’re covered when it comes to comfortable options that suit your size. The Play Zone Kit features 9 stretchy rings on a sturdy cone and are divided into smaller shaft rings, slightly larger ball rings and even bigger cock and ball rings. The dedicated sections overlap, and depending on your own size, you can use any ring wherever it fits best, giving you complete control over your pleasure. The beauty of Play Zone is that you can get as creative as you like – use one ring as a simple penis ring, double up or use as many as your penis (or your partner!) desires. This cock ring set is innovative, and the plush soft touch silicone material makes every encounter luxurious. To make your experience even easier, each ring is stamped with its size so you can pick your favourite in the heat of the moment.

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