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Showing all 47 results

Some people may be intimidated by glass sex toys because of their bold, exotic looks and sometimes size, but the truth is… you need glass sex toys in your life!

Adult toys made of glass are different from other glass items you encounter in everyday life. Unlike champagne glasses which you may have to change frequently, glass sex toys are designed to be more robust and built for durability and glass sex toys offer many other benefits as well.

The reason why you need a glass sex toy in your life is so that you can truly experience the intimacy and excitement of these gorgeous, eco-friendly pleasure products. Whether you use glass sex toys alone or with a partner, they can enhance your pleasure with the unique sensations that this material provides.

Users of all levels can enjoy glass sex toys. This versatile material can be made into a variety of shapes and sizes that will appeal to even the most novice of users.

Temperature play – make your glass dildo ice-cold or warm things up. Body-safe and easy to clean. Shaped to please your g-spot or p-spot. Designed with eye-catching, unique shapes, glass sex toys can look like a work of art, whilst being your own personal naughty, secret pleasure!